FLYY Orange Breeze Nasal Inhaler

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  • Boost energy levels – be ready for anything
  • Entirely natural, plant-based ingredients – easy on the body
  • Keep your cool – master the situations you’re in
  • More focus – feel sharper, more attentive
  • Freshen up – any time of day, anywhere

Sometimes, raw, fruity refreshment is the only thing that’ll do. Even more so when it’s combined with menthol and eucalyptus – the prime ingredients of our Flyy Orange Breeze nasal inhaler. We only use specially sourced orange oil in our formula, based on a 2,000-year-old recipe and laced with our own ingenuity.

Take a deep inhale, let it go deeper, close your eyes, time stops for a second,a Southern French orange plantation appears right before your eyes, you feel the sun on your face, the richness of our citrus flavour with menthol and eucalyptus hits you, and… you’re back! in the middle of the party, because that little bit extra makes all the difference.


  • This product contains: Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Sweet Orange Oil
  • All ingredients are of natural, plant-based origin. 
  • No caffeine. No chemicals. No sugar. No artificial anything. 
  • 100% entirely natural. 
  • Caution: Our natural plant infusions may cause allergic reactions. Do not apply on mucous membranes and keep away from your eyes. If some of the oil gets in your eyes, please wash out with water immediately.