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PIFF WARS® is the first competitive card game for cannabis enthusiasts. Reigning as the OGs in putting the fun back into getting baked.

Pure flavour pumped into every pack. From Gorilla Glue and Grandaddy Purp, to Zkittles, Sour Diesel, Zookies and beyond!

Each pack of cards contains a carefully curated collection of the communities favourite cannabis strains. There’s no fairer way to decide who’s gonna do the shop run, order a takeaway or roll the next joint than a PIFF WARS® battle with your buds.

Graded on to high quality cards for endless stoner fun, PIFF WARS® is designed by bud smokers, for bud smokers!

Who will win the BATTLE OF THE BUDS?


[For 2-4 players. Ages 16+]

Each pack contains 30 high quality, gloss printed cards